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What are ingrown toe nails

This is a common and painful condition whereby the nail edge not only ‘digs’ into the side of the toe, but can also lead to infection.

After an examination, to assess the severity of the ingrown toe nail, we’ll look to use podiatry nail nippers to cut back the nail.  In some cases we’ll pack the edges of the toenail to encourage proper nail growth.

Where a toenail continually grows into the skin surgery may be considered as another option.

An untreated ingrown toenail can cause pain and inflammation and can become infected.

Risk factors include

  • Genetic propensity
  • Poor nail cutting techniques
  • Poor footwear
  • Injuring toenails
  • Unusually curved (involuted) toenails

The benefits of a consultation

  • Improved cosmetic foot appearance
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved mobilty


30 - 45 mins


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