What is a callus?

Fortunately malignant melanomas of the foot are rare however it is important that moles on the foot are regularly checked as they can be very serious and because of their location often missed.

Risk factors are:

  • An increased exposure to UV light from the sun
  • Moles
  • Fair skin
  • Freckles and light hair
  • A family history of melanoma
  • Age and Gender.

Symptoms of this condition

  • Look for the pneumonic CUBED
  • Coloured lesions where any part if not skin coloured
  • Uncertain diagnosis.
  • Bleeding lesions or oozing fluid (includes chronic ‘ granulation tissue’)
  • Enlargement or deterioration of a lesion or ulcer despite therapy
  • Delay in healing of any lesion beyond 2 months

Treatments we provide for malignant melanomas

Early detection and consultation with a dermatologist. Surgical intervention (+ other therapy) where indicated.

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