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Sandals and you ❤️

With Summer in full throttle and allowing your feet to escape the sweaty confines of shoes here a just a few tips for sandals we like

  1. Any Sandals that are too flimsy or ‘flippy floppy’ are not great.  Check the inside of the Sandal: Does it appear well constructed? Does the inner sole provide you with good cushioning and arch support? Check there’s no tightness or pinching anywhere when the straps are done up, and that they stay put as you walk. Do your heels hang over the back of the sole?  Does your foot spill over the sides? Ideally the soles should have a bounce and not be too stiff under your feet as you move.
  2. Anything tooflat can put strain on your heels, Achilles, and knees, so choose sandals with heels that provide stability and support.  There are some brands out there that seem to thrive on a virtually non-existent heel and out sole– try to avoid if at all possible.  Even ask the shoe consultants’ advice before purchasing if necessary.
  3. Try to go to the shoe shops in person–although internet shopping is taking over the world.  When you try sandals and shoes on going to the shoe shop in person allows you to get an instant feel.  Trying the sandals on, walking up and down the shop, take a peak of your posture in the mirrors and getting an overall idea if these particular sandals fit your own unique foot shape and size.  You also can instantly assess the quality which may not always measure up when buying online.  Birkenstock, Salome, Schuh and TOMS also manufacture vegan sandals too.
  4. How active are you?– the best summer sandals share many qualities lightweight, water compatible, well ventilated, and good traction (non slip).  However, some styles/brands outperform others in certain areas.  Assess which qualities are most relevant to your summer lifestyle and choose sandals accordingly.
  5. Brand reputation–as with all products and services there are so many brands now available with different attributes.  However for great walking sandals check out: Clarks Tri-walk, Keen Footwear, Merrell, Vionic and Teva to name but a few!
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Say “Goodbye” to Pain

Say “Goodbye” to Pain

  1. Back and joint pain can have a major negative impact on both quality of life and mobility.
  2. Our aim is to get you pain free, back on your feet and mobile as quickly and as safely as possible at the Backs and Feet Clinic.
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How to have a set of Fab Feet for Summer

How to have a set of Fab Feet for Summer

  1. Smooth it out – use a pumice stone or a foot file on dry not wet skin you will remove more callus this way.
  2. Moisturise Daily – there are now a number of new great vegan and healthy emoillents to choose from.
  3. Fight Fungus – washing socks at high temperatures and changing socks even a couple of times a day if needs be.  Try to never wear the same pair of trainers the next day, this allows for a general healthier foot environment.
  4. Wear Sun Screen, moles can become malignant on feet too.
  5. Get support – where indicated foot support some as custom made orthotics can not only support foot function but reduce any future problems.
  6. As we age toenails thicken and / or can become more brittle. They are also more susceptible to fungus – it is a good idea to at times try to not paint toenails and keep feet in breathable light materials.  If  toenails are painted try to use nail varnishes free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate also an alcohol free polish remover is preferable. Use something such as a vitamin E oil over the entire nail.
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Use our ‘Choose and Book” appointment system to book a date and time that suits you.  If you haven’t been advised on what service you need, just book a consultation.

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