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P o d i a t r y  –  C h i r o p o d y  –  O s t e p a t h y
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  Appointments available on Saturdays or any weekday convenient for you (by arrangement) at our new Chelsea Clinic.

Call us on 0207 101 4000 to book or find out more.

The Chelsea Clinic

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Paola Ash – Sutton

Paola Ash Associates 17 Mulgrave Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 6LJ

phone: 020 8528 3000  –  mobile: 07780 665 223  –  email: [email protected]

Where is the nearest Station?
The nearest station to us is Sutton Station, a 5 minute walk or a 2 minute drive with onsite parking available and / or off road parking.

If you buy something/shop at Morrison’s situated a 5 minute walk away 2 hours of free parking is available.

Sutton is a 25 minutes fast train to Victoria and a 30 minutes fast train from London Bridge.

We are also serviced with buses a 4 minute walk from the clinic

Due to covid please note we cannot offer waiting facilities at present.  Toilet facilities are cleaned throughout the day and are available upon request.

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👣 When you visit a registered HCPC podiatrist 👣 Hygiene procedures are very important to us 🧼 🧽 Each and every client receives a separate set of sealed sterilised instruments which are always opened infront of you. Cleaning and sterilisation of equipment is essential so investments have been made in the latest technology. Chemical cleaning with single use brushes, followed with ultrasonic cleaning of instruments which are then packed into their own individual sterile pouches ready to be autoclaved. Although this process takes circa 2-3 hours⏰ each and every time it is the only way to ensure clients receive the best possible hygienic treatments and care. Any single use disposal instruments go directly into a special waste container collected as a part of our clinical waste procedures #feetforlife #clinicalwaste #hygiene #ultrasonic #autoclave #scrub #cleanlikeameanmachine #🤩

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Paola  Ash  Osteopaths    |    Podiatrists   |    Tel: 020 8528 3000    or    email [email protected]

Treatments we provide

Massage (Sorry, no massage service at present time)

Massages releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through the use of deep inhibition, trigger point deactivation, kneading and deep finger pressure points targeted to specific areas in the body…Read more

Musculoskeletal Medicine

This is a primary health care system which focusses primarily on the neuro-musculo-skeletal system essentially the nerves, muscles and joints…Read more


Acupuncture as a treatment modality for muscle and joint problems which is very effective. We also use Acupuncture in the treatment of verrucae to boost immunity and encourage the healing process…Read more

Chiropody and Podiatry

We can diagnose and abnormalities in the leg.  We help clients that suffer from diabetes, arthritis and sports injuries…Read more


Orthotics are used to correct abnormal walking patterns.  A custom made inlay can support joints that are overworked and encourage other joints to adapt and promote motion…Read more


Pilates exercises are used to support you through your musculo skeletal conditions. One to to one exercises result in an overall improvement for posture and muscle function…Read more