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What is Muscle Energy Technique MET

A MET is classified as a direct and active technique.  A patient pushes against the osteopath’s own resistance so that a new barrier of movement can be found.

It is also known as ‘active muscular relaxation techniques’ (Liebenson, 1990).  Changes include improved local reflex firing so that the muscles function better.

As a patient then relaxes after contracting against the osteopath, the muscles remain inhibited, allowing the joints improved mobility.

Used to treat the following conditions

The benefits of this treatment

  • The isometric contraction of the muscle seems to set the muscle to a new length (via inhibition of the golgi tendon organ – this is found at tendons and improves local nerve reflex supply to muscles)
  • Relaxation of an overactive muscle
  • Increased stretch to shortened muscles
  • Improved muscle tone and balance


30 - 45 mins


This therapeutic intervention forms part of a generalised 45 minute osteopathic appointment and treatment

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