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Specialist and Highly Qualified Podiatrist

At Paola Ash Associates we have a very specific skill set with regards the foot and ankle.  Pleased to offer a bespoke service  which is tailored to the individual.  With over 15 years experience in Healthcare we are registered & qualified with the Health Care Professions Council and the College of Podiatry to offer podiatry.

How do you get rid of back or foot pain fast?  At Paola Ash Associates we have a range of treatment modalities which include acupuncture (and electro-acupuncture), clinical pilates, gait analysis, osteopathy, massage,  postural advice, sports strapping, ultrasound and more.

With pain it can become a chronic and on-going feature of your life if your musculo-skeletal system is not in alignment and therefore areas in the body are overworking whilst others are underworking stressing and straining areas.

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