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Ankle injury

/Ankle injury
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What is an ankle injury?

Ankle sprains are a familiar term to most people and involve damage to one or more of the many ligaments around the ankle.

An inversion sprain (when you go over on the outside of the ankle) can cause damage to not only the ligaments but to the local muscles and the tibio-fibula joint.

This sometimes results in a fracture or damage to one of the tendons on the outside of the ankle. In addition, this can cause compression of the bones on the inside of the ankle.

Ankle injuries can be very stubborn to treat and in some cases can continue for a number of years if not initially treated at the time of injury and rehabilitated for long enough or a patient thinking they can return to normal activity without having allowed the ankle enough time for healing.

Symptoms of this condition

In the result of an acute ankle sprain subsequent to injury pain will be felt instantly at the site of injury (and or tear).

The ankle will swell and can also demonstrate bruising. The ankle will hurt with any movement or weight bearing.

In a severe sprain, you may hear and/or feel something tear, along with a pop or snap. You will probably have extreme pain at first and will not be able to walk or even put weight on your foot. In a chronic ankle injury the area will oftentimes swell for no apparent reason and be tender to touch.

Treatments we provide for an ankle injury

  • In an acute injury resting the ankle, elevating, compressing and icing the ankle is useful.
  • A sports strapping and crutches can be very effective
  • Sometimes non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and painkillers are needed
  • Ultra sound
  • Massage
  • METs
  • Acupuncture

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