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What is a callus?

A callus is caused by the buildup of hard, dead skin and can be found over an area of pressure or bony prominence. The hard skin is produced by special skin cells called keratinocytes, which are present throughout the entire epidermal layer of skin.

Calluses are the body’s attempt at protecting itself from friction or pressure, however, the extra skin can become painful and cause changes in how you walk. They are most common on the heel, the ball of foot, and the sides of the foot. Making sure you have sensible footwear is important.

Symptoms of this condition

  • Pain with walking
  • A thick, rough area of skin
  • A hardened, raised bump
  • Tenderness or pain under your skin
  • Flaky, dry or waxy skin

Treatments we provide for a callus

  • Removing the excessive hard skin with a blade
  • Applying silver nitrate which keeps the corn at bay for longer
  • Custom Made orthotic
  • Foot filing skin regularly
  • Massage and applying regular emollient to the skin

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