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What is a dry needling (trigger point therapy)

Dry needling involves inserting a very fine (hair like) needle into specific points in the body such as a ‘trigger point’ or a chronically contracted muscle.  A trigger point is a band of taut dysfunctional muscle that is like a lump within muscle tissue.  Dry needling these areas helps reduce trigger points and can eliminate their presence in some cases completely thereby reducing pain and improving flexibility.

There are different methods of needle insertion and where a patient is nervous very light use can be implemented.  Likewise stronger techniques such as periosteal acupuncture are adopted in painful and stubborn conditions, which stimulate the appropriate sclerotomes (a derivative of how bone forms in embryo) and can be used to good effect.


The benefits of this treatment

  • Acupuncture works by balancing the small nerve bundles found in the fascia deep to the skin.
  • By assisting to regulate sensory, vascular and muscular small nerve bundles reduced inflammation is noted.
  • Patients can describe warmth (this can demonstrate nerve fibers C and A delta fibers are being stimulated), which assist to reduce pain.
  • Patients can report feelings of well being as increased endorphins are release with dry needling
  • Improvement to muscle tone and reduction/elimination of trigger points


30 - 45 mins


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