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What is foraminal gapping

This is a technique that is very useful in a stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal.  Conditions such as osteo-arthritis or a denegenrative spondylolisthesis contribute to compression of the spinal nerves although a lumbar stenosis is more common a cervical (neck) stenosis can be more severe if present.

Foraminal gapping is a very beneficial osteopathic technique which aids the joints in the back to open and can therefore off load the nerves so that patients report less pain, numbness.

Foraminal gapping is used in a wide variety of conditions which much success.

The benefits of this treatment

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved physiological range of movement
  • Balanced spinal fluid movement
  • Improved prioprioceptive motion of the spine


35 - 45 mins


This therapeutic intervention forms part of a generalised 45 minute osteopathic appointment and treatment

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