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What is gait analysis

Gait analysis can be used in a number of circumstances.  Where someone complains of pain using dynamic foot and gait scanning alongside video gait analysis allows a podiatrist to scan the way the body is being using during the gait cycle.  From this exercise therapy and / or orthotic administration can be advised accordingly in order to off-load and improve the efficiency of how the body moves through the various cycles of walking.

In certain instances mobilization, manipulation and sports strapping therapy will also be recommended with aftercare that may include heat/ice or contrast therapy, which you can do for yourself to speed up healing times.

Used to treat the following conditions

The benefits of this treatment

  • Improved efficiency of the gait cycle and less energy consumed
  • Offloading painful calluses or corns
  • Improving alignment and functioning of the lower limb joints
  • Improving posture


45 - 60 mins

£80 - 150

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