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What are headaches

Headaches are very common and the world health organization reports around 47% of worlds adult population will have suffered from a headache within the last year.

Although the vast majority are from stress it is also common for headaches to come from the muscles and joints.

For example:

  • An osteoarthritic neck
  • Altered upper back movements
  • Poor posture
  • Jaw malalignment can all contribute to headaches
  • Tight scalp fascia

Symptoms of this condition

  • Pain in the neck referring pain into the base of the skull
  • Radiating pain at the sides of the head
  • Deep dull throbbing pain
  • Pinching/tightening pain
  • Muggy/heaving head

Treatments we provide for headaches

  • Manipulation of the upper back
  • Manipulation of the neck
  • Mobilisation of the upper back
  • Mobilisation of the neck and jaw
  • Massage to the scalp fascia, upper back and neck
  • Traction

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