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Joint Specific Rehabilitation

/Joint Specific Rehabilitation
Joint Specific Rehabilitation 2017-10-25T21:32:20+00:00

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What is joint specific rehabilitation

In the cases where patients present with specific joint pain such as a painful elbow, shoulder or ankle, although the spine and pelvis will always be assessed the exercise joint programmes are much more specific to the region that is injured with a secondary emphasis to the rest of the body.

Initially the joint in question needs to be rehabilitated until futher changes are implemented to include the whole body.  Joint specific rehabilitation are temporary exercise rehabilitative programmes but are very effective and are tweaked as the condition improves.

Used to treat the following conditions

  • Tennis or golfers elbow
  • Shin splints
  • Rugby/Cricket Shoulder injuries
  • Running ankle and lower limb Injuries

  • Golfers Low back pain

The benefits of this treatment

  • Less Pain
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Reducing risk of re-injury
  • Re-educating the way the joints sensors of the joint fire
  • Improved joint functioning post exercise implementation


30 - 45 mins


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