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What is a low arched foot (also known as ‘flat feet’ or a pronated foot type)

Having flat feet, or ‘fallen arches’, means that your feet have low or no arches and press almost completely flat against the ground.

The arch or instep usually with weight bearing and walking is raised off of the ground in a flat foot the arch may remain in contact with the floor.

Sometimes a flat foot can be linked to an underlying problem with the bones, muscles or connective tissues around the feet.

Symptoms of this condition

  • Pain in the feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, hips or lower back
  • Shoes that wear out quickly leading to injuries
  • Feet tire easily
  • Painful or achy feet, especially in the areas of the arches and heels
  • The inside bottom of your feet become swollen
  • Foot movement, such as standing on your toes, is difficult

Treatments we provide for a low arched foot

  • Sports strapping
  • Massage
  • Strength work – rehabilitation exercises
  • Custom Made devices
  • Gait analysis
  • Postural advice

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