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What is Sciatica

In the case of nerve compression/irritation, the lower lumbar nerves (where the most weight bearing joints are located) tend to be the most compromised.

Nerves are the messengers feeding the muscles so that if a nerve is irritated for any reason increased sensitivity or weakness can be reported.

Sciatica is usually the result of a disc prolapse ‘slipped disc’.

Symptoms of this condition

  • Limb pain is the main or dominant pain compared to the back or neck pain.
  • Spinal movements produce limb pain e.g. in lumbar nerve root pain (‘sciatica’) bending down to touch your toes causes the pain to go to the leg
  • Nerve function tests e.g. power, reflex and sensory tests help identify which nerve is likely to be the one that is causing the pain
  • The only situation that is considered an emergency is where a patient reports loss of sensation between the legs and around the buttocks, loss of control of the bowels/bladder is a medical emergency, but fortunately this is rare

Treatments we provide for Sciatica

  • Foraminal Gapping
  • Ultra-sound
  • Articulation
  • Mobilisation
  • Electro accupuncture
  • Back support

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