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Sports massage

/Sports massage
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What is a sports massage

Sports massage therapy is client led and focuses on the clients sporting event of choice.

In all sports there will be a specific area that the body is overused.  For instance golfers will complain of low back pain due to excessive rotational forces.  A cricketer will complain of shoulder pain especially fast bowlers and there is a good reason why we even have the term: ‘tennis elbow’.  Focusing on overstressed areas will immediately be beneficial.  At the same time advice will be given how to combat these repetitive type movements.

Sports massage therapy can enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time enhancing maximum performance of training pre and post an event.  If you partake in regular physical activity, Sports massage therapy weekly if the budget allows or monthly will be a great addition to enhance the sport of your choice.

The benefits of this treatment

  • Reduces fatigue pre and post sporting injury
  • Reduces muscle soreness after exercise
  • Improves endurance
  • Preventative (reduces the chances of injury from sporting events/exercise


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