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Underlapping toes

/Underlapping toes
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What are underlapping toes?

Underlapping toes are commonly seen in the adult and paediatric population. The toes most often involved are the fourth and fifth toes. The exact cause of the deformity is unclear.

A possible aetiology is an imbalance in muscle strength of the small muscles of the foot.

This is aggravated by a subtle abnormality in the orientation on the joints in the foot just below the ankle joint called the subtalar joint.

Symptoms of this condition

This results in an abnormal pull of the ligaments in the toes causing them to curl.

With weight bearing the deformity is increased and a folding or curling of the toes results in the formation of calluses on the outside margin of the end of the toe. Tight fitting shoes can aggravate the condition.

Treatments we provide for underlapping toes

  • Custom Made devices
  • Where indicated surgical intervention

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