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What is a verruca

A verruca is a viral infection invading the 4th of the 5th layer of skin, much the same as a wart. Verrucas are also called plantar verrucas on the foot some are singular or can aggregate in clusters.

They can be of varying size and number occurring anywhere on the foot.

Classically, they are well defined (circumscribed) and have little black dots which are blood vessels that have been pushed upwards towards the surface. They may or may not be painful and callus is oftentimes observed surrounding them.

Symptoms of this condition

  • If a verruca is pinched or squeezed it can elicit a sharp and painful response
  • If it is pumiced aggressively it will bleed
  • If possible keep your verruca covered (they are contagious)
  • Verrucas are most common in children and people who are immuno-compromised
  • In shared areas (such as swimming pools) this is where the highest incidence / initiation of verrucas occur

Treatments we provide for Verrucas

  • We will carry out an assessment of your general health as well as your foot health before deciding on a treatment plan
  • Acid based treatments: This involves ointments or liquids containing acids, which are stronger than over the counter preparations, being applied to the verruca.

    These acids destroy the virus and infected tissue. We will apply the treatment to the skin at two weekly intervals after removing the overlying skin that the previous treatment has destroyed.

    After leaving the clinic, the treated verruca may become sore as the acid begins to work.

  • Cryotherapy involves freezing the verruca with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide gas.
  • Spirulain VB a new treatment which treats verrucas by ‘growing them out’ patient compliance for this treatment is needed

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